How do I know what are “Healthy habits”?

To become healthy, we require changes in our life. These changes are called healthy habits.

Now, I believe healthy habits are really powerful. Not only is there a positive effect on our body, it also has a positive effect on our life and the relationships in our lives. They are also powerful because they not only just do one change in our life, which becomes automatic. It also spawns and creates other little habits and changes in our life. That lead to a life that is healthy, or what we deem is healthy. This in turn brings happiness to our lives.

Equally important to understanding why these healthy habits have an impact on our life, relationships, and body, is understanding what areas we can change to build healthy habits into. So we can be healthy and happy for the rest of our life. These five areas are as follows;


Movement is king

Being active through any form of movement has an awesome effect on our life, and particularly our body. By creating a habit around movement, i.e. you start going out for bike rides or runs after work or start getting into paddling activities. These types of activities start to build an effect on our life because we ‘feel’ better. Our body feels energized. It doesn’t feel as sore. It is able to move around without being stiff. This ‘feeling’ is really powerful to motivate us to make another change in our life as we know we can and feel good doing so. Include a habit that involves movement, so our body will feel better, and you’ll start to build another habit after another habit.


Creating Connections

On par, or if not more important than movement, is connecting with others. We live in a world now where we have devices, we have ways to live that doesn’t require other people. We can be independent with others in our lives. That poses a problem though. It means that we only can be in our own head-space and deal inside with our own emotional capacity, rather than having support from others.

When we are working with others, it means we are opening ourselves, and being vulnerable. Learning how to cooperate with others, it builds trust with them and then with the next person and so on. This will open up your world and feel like you have a place to belong. Find ways to connect with people in your life, whether they are family, friends, or work colleagues. Or find a club that you feel that you belong which is removed from other areas in our life. .


Concentrate on Fuelling well

Much like movement, we feel better when we fuel ourselves well. What we eat can really change how we feel through the day, how we sleep and how we manage our stress levels. As you go through your week and your day, try to avoid processed foods. Eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. And eat as much plant-based meals as you are able to. These small changes will start creating good feelings in your body. Which will ripple outwards. You might want to move more. You might choose to connect with a friend to share a meal to build a stronger connection with them. That one habit of changing how we eat, can make a positive impact on other areas of our life, and in turn our health.


Fill your cup up

Our body is the vehicle in which we live our lives. Through movement we feel better. And by putting in fuels which allow us to move & feel better, we become happier throughout the week. Equally important to eating, moving, and connecting, is thinking about what we do for ourselves. You may have a role that is very demanding, and you put lots of long hours in. You may have kids that you chase around, doing lots of things for them. That is wonderful. Over time though, if you constantly put others first and do not put time in for yourself. You may start to feel not so connected with people in your life, possibly not as appreciated, even lead to a little under-valued.

Do activities that is for yourself. They should make you feel better and you have a strong interest in. By doing these activities you are going to slowly fill your cup up, feeling happier. As you fill your cup up, you can start sharing your positive energy with others. I want you to think of the example that we hear all the time with aeroplanes. The mask drops down and they say, “Don’t put it on the child next to you, if you’re a parent, or help out someone who’s struggling.” Start by looking after yourself first, so that you can then in turn help the next person.


Look for new things

The fifth area I wanted to talk about, is not necessarily an area, more along the lines of a way of living. Always look to discover “new things”. It could be learn a new skill, connect with someone new or discover a new place. By finding something new in your life, you’re going to find a creative spark that really gets our mind going and keeps it sharp for longer. Just like our body requires movement, good fuelling and connection for our emotional health, our mind needs tasks to constantly challenge itself. As you learn/discover/meet something/someone new, you’re probably going to form habits around this exciting change in your life. Which can lead to forming another habit and that’s the power of our healthy habits.


With an understanding of why healthy habits are important in our lives. Choose a couple of these areas in which to build some habits and start implementing to have a healthy life for you to live.

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