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Over the years we have had so many wonderful people who have trained with us at the park. We asked some of them some questions reflecting on what they remember from their time.


Simon Matthews

1, How long have trained down at Ashfield Reserve? 

I’ve been training at Bassendean with Daniel for close to 7 years now.


2, Favourite memory from you time in the community?

It’s probably the first Endurit Bootcamp I attended at the Whitford nodes & having no idea what I was in for! There was close to 180 ppl, with separate teams and differing fitness levels. Daniel told me, I was only going to carry a 5kg sandbag up and down those hills……only to find out it was 10kgs! What a great day


3, Program you have loved most (i.e. boxing, cardio, toning, stretch & flex etc) 

No guesses here – Boxkick. No surprises I now enjoy punching Alex Tuesdays in Mover PT.

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