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Reside in Movement creates spaces in which you can learn to grow outside your comfort zone. We focus on movement to achieve an active, fit & healthy life to live.

We believe that everyone has the ability to live and thrive in an active life – what ever that may be.
Your goal may be to run a marathon comfortably, have enough energy to keep up with you kids or just wanting to increase & maintain your mobility for the years to come.

  • Building on your knowledge bank on how to exercise, we cultivate workshops for you to understand on how to move and use training aids in classes or sessions.


  • Supporting your journey to learn how to move, Nutritional Seminars led by Tanya explore the world of holistic & healthy eating. 


  • Become a part of a fitness community where you have found a place to belong. Creating a third space in your world through Coffee Catch ups, Social gatherings & education workshops.

Fitness at your pace

What We Do

Group Outdoor Training

In a supportive, family-like setting we exercise together by learning to move, become stronger & feel enriched by our bodies. Class programs are Cardio, Toning, HIIT, Boxing and Stretch & Flex.

Personal Training

With sessions focused on your individual requirements helping you reach your fitness aims. We work 1 to 1 with you, seeing you increase your knowledge, become a better mover & thrive in with your own fitness abilities.

What MOVERS’ are Saying


If you have ever walked or driven past and wondered what it’s all about don’t feel intimidated, go and have a chat with our trainer Daniel because you won’t regret it. Not only is Daniel a great trainer, he invests a lot of time in each of us and our community always trying to bring people together. He will work with you through injuries and help you to get the most out of your workout. There is a great range of classes available morning or evenings and yes you will groan in some sessions but we also smile and laugh a lot.


I chose Reside in Movment over a gym because being outdoors in the sun, breeze, in the park or out in the local community on the roads is 10 times better than being cooped up in a gym. I’ve been enjoying this for a year and a half. Started with 2 classes a week, now I go three times. Good range of programs, great trainers and atmosphere.


Reside in Movement has changed my life. I’m getting a whole body workout with realistic, achievable goals. It’s social, totally supportive and fun. Dan’s experience shines every day and his instruction is transformational’. You can’t get away with being slack in your habits because he & Alex are on to you! Holistic and enjoyable.


Connect with us

Let us figure out how to best help you continue moving towards your goals. We will work together to find which service is best suited to you.

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