Our Commitments

We all have commitments in our lives. Some of these commitments are by design and chosen by us. Other commitments are less of a choice and more of a necessity.

Commitments such as those for our children, taking them to sports and activities for example, these are our choice. Same with our social circle, seeing our friends and catching up. Once again, this is something we choose to do because we would like to rather than we need to.

Then we have our commitments that are less of a choice. Work obligations, even certain family obligations. Sometimes commitments like these are chosen for us and in turn they help shape our identity.

But what if we want to change that identity?

Let’s say you want to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself but your current commitments are preventing this. So, you need to look at how you can change these commitments. You need to adapt what you are doing so you can get to a place where you can identify with being healthy and active. You need to find a way to allow you to commit to exercising and creating a fitter lifestyle for yourself.

In the past you may have already tried different options. It could be that you had signed up with a 24-hour gym or you engaged a personal trainer. Or maybe you started using an online coach and doing home workouts in your own little space.

Although these may be great options you feel that there’s still something missing, just a little bit. And that is the connection and feeling of a place where you belong and that you can identify with.

Finding Your Place

For many people that place is somewhere where there is a group element involved, a sense of belonging. Finding this place works well as it helps give you that identity for yourself outside of your other commitments, a place just for you. Not your family, not your work commitments, not your social circle. This is your place.

It’s vitally important to have this group element in your life, a place to belong amongst other likeminded people. There is an understanding between you. They are your fitness group. You share a connection, something that may not resonate with your family, work colleagues or social circle. This group and sense of belonging can have a big impact on your emotional and mental health. It can help to keep your mindset nice and steady assist you with feeling safe.

The Positive Effect of Your Fitness Group on Your Identity

Now, I’ve already spoken about why having a fitness group is important. Let’s talk about how you can really integrate this group into your identity.

Start off by finding the connection options that are available inside your group. Look for the opportunities to connect in or outside of the workout itself. Find out if there are any social events that they organize. Is there someone in the group that you connect with the most? If you buddy up and connect with one or more people it increases your sense of belonging within your fitness group.

Next is to seek for fulfillment. Yes, you will physically get stronger and healthier from belonging to this fitness group. However, this is not the only benefit. You will also build yourself up – you will build up your self-esteem, your self-worth and your identity. Every time you go back, your desire to return will grow. You will feel the positive effects from your in-class workout with your group, and this will have a positive impact on the remainder of your day.

The last reason why you need your fitness group as a part of your life is that it integrates with your identity. You want to make this change to be healthier and fitter. Well this change requires the integration with you as a person, and the actions that you take.

Your actions will include committing to this group, supporting it, getting involved in the discussions. It includes turning up to the social events and sharing with others. By doing all of this it shows that you are a part of this group and that you belong. It is not just a fad or something that you’ve started on a whim to lose some weight. This group is now a part of who you are as a person.


For anyone who wants to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle then finding your fitness group can be invaluable. It is a place for you to connect and belong and becomes an essential part of your identity.

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