Making small alterations to how we go about our daily lives can have a positive impact on our energy levels. The following four areas are what we need to focus on to gain more energy.



The first thing is to make sure that you keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout your day and week.


Second is to eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Our bodies need to be fed the right kind of fuel in order to produce energy.


Thirdly, ensure that you are constantly moving. Regularly get up and move about to keep the blood flowing and mind awake.


Finally, make sure that you are recovering and refilling yourself. This means ensure that you are getting a good quality sleep at night to let your body recover and refill yourself with energy. You should also look at ways to reduce unnecessary stress in your life.



These are all fantastic ways of increasing our energy levels and we should incorporate them into our daily lives.

Now let’s talk about some practical steps on how we can do this. 




Alternate movement with eating nutritious food. Spend five or ten minutes moving around – this could be a quick workout, going for a short walk, or even just pottering about the house. This movement will help increase the blood flow and then by eating you will re-fuel your body.



Set an alarm on your phone or computer for every three hours to remind you to get up and move around – but do to this outside where you will be able to take in the fresh air, the ambience, and clear your mind. Spend ten minutes actually absorbing your surroundings rather than being glued to a screen. Taking this break will help you to not get bogged down and to instead refresh your mind, allowing you to focus more on the task or work you are doing.



Switch up what you are doing and incorporate something fun. If you are currently doing something indoors then change it to something outdoors. Or if you have been doing housework for a while then take a break and enjoy some mind puzzles. Maybe try your hand at a Suduko puzzle or even do some creative drawing. The idea is to get out of the headspace that you’re currently in, refresh yourself and get your creative juices flowing back into your body and your mind.


With these three practical steps the idea is to ultimately break up any stagnation or tiredness felt throughout the day. These steps will spark a bit of energy but they won’t create lasting energy. You have to make sure that you keep practicing healthy habits to increase your energy levels.



So remember – hydrate well, eat nutritiously, move more throughout the day, and recover with fuel, with good sleep, and by reducing the stress in your life.

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