At different points in your life and during your exercise journey there will be periods where you find that you are not as motivated or enthusiastic to exercise.

For example, there will be moments when you hit the snooze button thinking “just 10 more minutes”, picking extra sleep over working out. Or it could be more of a time factor. You may be thinking “I have too much going on at work and just cannot make time to exercise right now”. We have all had these thoughts at some point.

This is where you need to ask yourself the hard questions of WHY you are exercising. WHY do you choose to regularly work out two to three times a week? WHY do you have set yourself the goals that you have?

Whilst you think about your own reasons it is worth noting that…


It is okay not prioritise exercise in your life all of the time if you are unable to!


What you do need to be doing however is constantly moving and staying active.


This doesn’t mean you need to be doing a full workout, a CrossFit session, or going for a run. It means staying mobile, keeping flexible, moving around. It is choosing those incidental activities as opposed to the easier way out.

By embracing movement as opposed to exercise it allows you to create that mental space needed whilst you figure out the reasons you currently exercise.


Rediscovering the reason why you currently exercise is important.


Once you understand this reason you can then reignite that fire inside you to exercise. You can put certain steps in place to help you to keep moving and to refocus on your exercise goals. Below are some steps to follow to help you take action.

Firstly you need to recognise what your goal is and what your plan is in order to achieve it. Figure out what your timeline is, the date you aim to reach your goal. To make it clearer think about everything that you want to achieve and write it all down. Use this as something to refer back to when you need a reminder of your goals.

Once this is done the next step is to go back over what you have just done. Revisit your reasons of why you want to exercise and what you want to achieve. By reminding yourself of this you will be able to refocus and reignite your motivation to stay with your exercise regime.


Different courses for different horses.


We have all heard this saying before. It is something to remember when it comes achieving your exercise goals. If one method of exercise is not motivating enough to stick with then it may not be the best way for you. Try out an alternative method, something that aligns more with you. This way you are still working towards achieving your goal but will continue to be motivated.


As with many things in life, things are usually made better when you have other people to share them with.


So go ahead and enlist some support whilst you’re on this journey. Use each other for the accountability, the support, and even the comradery. This will help you keep the fire in your belly to stay on task to reach your goals on your exercise journey.

Reignite that passion, that fire, that fuel to get you back on the active journey again. It will be a rewarding experience as you remember the reasons why you’re currently exercising. Follow these steps and let them help guide you along this pathway of discovery again.

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