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Over the years we have had so many wonderful people who have trained with us at the park. We asked some of them some questions reflecting on what they remember from their time.


Ineke Cattell

1, How long have trained down at Ashfield Reserve? 

I have been training with Daniel for nine plus year. I had a year away from exercise after a bout of the flu so when I saw the sign on the fence I knew it was time to get back into it. I called up and  talked to this young man who encourage me too started on a wet miserable Monday morning at 6am, we did a nice 3 km run which took me about a week  to recover from. When I started I was an early bird attending the Monday and Wednesday Mornings at 6am. How things have changed since then both my children have grown and left school and I have become a Grandma. I now attend the 9am Friday Boxing when I am not working or Grand sitting – hopefully when Covid becomes a dark memory on the timeline of life I will be able to make it back to 2 days a week.


2, Favourite memory from you time in the community?

Over the years lots of things stick out – I remember on one of our early morning runs before we got lights we lost our front runners who ran off to who know where and manage to make it back to park after we had finished our stretches.  I recall the worst step-up work out at the high school on a wet morning and the cranky cleaners who complained about us bouncing the balls and the noise that they made. Tuesday mornings toning classes at Kim’s place by the river, with her dog stealing all our socks.

But my most favourite memories are the laughs, complaints and the fun that I have had with other movers when attempting exercises that are challenging (especially on that fit ball) or just Daniels Clock not keeping accurate analogy time.


3, Program you have loved most (i.e. boxing, cardio, toning, stretch & flex etc) 

My favourite programme was the Cardio to start with as I really enjoyed running with but overtime have really come to enjoy the boxing – maybe it’s the coffee and catch up after that I really appreciate!

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