Homework, TV shows and playing video games. You see your children doing this more than you ever did as a kid.

Leading an active lifestyle is really fun. It makes you feel great and want to share it with those around you. Challenge becomes, your little dearests are more interested in what they do their little screens, than actually moving their body. The question then becomes, how do we encourage our children to exercise or want to exercise?

Here is my take on three things that can be done.

First one, is take an interest in what they do or their interests. So if they love to draw, do some drawings with them, if they love playing computer games or video games, join with them to have some of fun. This in turn, you joining in with them, will probably mean they want to take an interest in what you do. Which will be reciprocated by following what you do.

That leads to the second point, is lead by example. If you want someone to follow, and want encourage them to do what you’re doing, don’t force it on them. Let them see what you do and the powerful benefits it has on you.

My third point, is with any changes add them in slowly, do not rush them. It can be quite intimidating and confronting for children. So start with small walks or chilled bike rides. Doing a little yoga session, maybe ask “hey, will you come and join with us?” Try no to push it too early or force hard. Just allow it to come naturally.

Taking these couple of steps. See how you go and if your children want to come join in with you.

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