Lately, have you been thinking, “I want to get fitter, I’m gonna go call a personal trainer.” Or possibly, “Actually, I’m going to go down to the local gym.” “Nah, you know what? I am going to start by getting my shoes on and go for a run around the block.”

Slow down, take a moment to think first. Is the aim about getting into exercise or is it about being active and creating movement in your life? If it is the second and you want an active lifestyle that encompasses movement. Ponder the different ways you can be moving more. I am going to talk about some of the great ways that I have discovered to be active. Here are my thoughts and ways to be active.


Attend an exercise class

The first one I am going to start off with, is go attend exercise classes. They are a great step forward because you have a fitness professional leading the way. You don’t have to think about what exercise to do next, in built accountability and it gets you moving. The fact classes are regular, will ultimately get you in a mindset where you want to be active more often.

Community lead groups/events/classes

Trailing away from exercise classes, look at what is inside your community already. There might be groups that are doing things that interest you. They might be places where there is a drumming class. There might be a band that you can do musical practice with. If there is something led within the community that gets you active and moving, consider that as an option. The point is to just get up out of the house, doing something involving movement and connecting with others.

Team Sports

You might like the idea of doing activities inside of group, and you might also be on the competitive side. Consider sport as an activity. Team sports are a wonderful way to be active. It feels like exercise, but it is not as draining because you are focused on chasing the ball or trying to score the next goal. Whichever the aim of the game is, team sports offers not just the movement component, but offers that camaraderie. The mate ship which comes along with it, is really good for our emotional and mental health. Connecting with others serves our mind & body well.

Family time

Dialling it down a bit from the sport and the community led groups. Focus your attention to just your own household. Maybe getting out for a family bike ride is a great way for you to acquire more movement. In doing this, it also shows to your loved ones, that you are leading by example to be active. With a higher chance resulting in your family wanting to follow in your footsteps and join you. Circling back to the point it will make the time spent more enjoyable and using it well.

Take up a new skill

Discovering a new skill is also a brilliant way to be out there and doing something for your body. By having achieved something completely different to what you know, you begin using your mind. There will be times you will need to obviously connect with someone to master a particular skill. Which can turn out more positive as you form more relationships in your life. Let us take stand up paddle boarding, as an example. You are going to have to balance a little bit more whilst you are paddling. So the brain gets a ‘workout’ learning how to get up and balance. Your arms are challenged by pulling the paddle in the water and you can connect with something for guidance. Having learnt a new skill helps not just yourself but others around you for down the track.

Fun on the water

Water-based activities are fun, and it is something that many of us do not naturally gravitate towards. Many of us don’t have a river or a beach or a pool accessible straight away. Making trips to spots where there is water is enjoyable and a good way to get into activities like kayaking, SUP’ping, and canoeing.

Getting out on the water has this wicked effect of calming ourselves down. And whilst you are doing that, you are getting to discover more locations in your area.

Explore Nature

Similar to paddling, get out amongst nature. The natural surrounds that we have are so beautiful, tranquil and can be massive to explore. We are taking about the hills, where there is trails and goat tracks to go follow. Or you could be by the beach where the waves are crashing by on the sand or alongside the rivers. Whatever that setting is, putting yourself in it, even looking at it has a positive effect on our health. In particular our stress levels. We just naturally relax when we are immersed in the natural settings we are lucky to have.

Walking groups

Consider discovering more of what is around your local area. A walking group is a great way to do this. It also rises the opportunity to connect with locals, socialize with friends and gets you moving. If you are in the city, use the streets in the city or the rivers that surround it to explore. The point is find something that allows you to connect with others, & still creates a regular activity.

Running groups

If you are like me and walking is a tad slow, maybe look into local running groups. That is if you don’t mind running. Connecting with others that like to run does a very similar effect to walking. Yet it gets out to more or further locations. You will find it challenges your heart and lungs more than walking does too.

Home workouts

If you are quite active already and you are doing activities similar to the ones above. Maybe you could look to step up you activity by doing more at home and trying some home workouts. Get on the internet for inspiration or onto YouTube, where you can follow our channel (includes rapid home workouts). By doing some activity at home, it saves you the time going to find ways t be active. You can be more comfortable, in the setting you choose.


Try one, try some, maybe try all 10 of these ideas, and find a life that keeps you moving and active.

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