Inside the fitness industry, there are many places where females are in higher attendance in their exercise programs then males. If you’re a male and you want to be training with more men. Let’s try to talk about some ways where we can optimize your chances of training with other men.

Before we do that, though, I want you to take this one consideration. Most fitness facilities and health professionals out there, are there to help lots of people and welcome everybody. A little caveat to that, are if you are training in a niche environment where it’s just females only. Or if you’re doing partner-based or boxing-based work. Basing off just pure physiological attributes, it may not be most productive place for the man to workout. Likewise for the female, who may not feel comfortable in that environment with the male.

Train early AM or late PM

Make sure you choose a time that is more suitable such as trying to train more in the early morning or later in the evenings. If training in the middle of the day, like the nine o’clock or three o’clock or even twelve o’clock at lunchtime, you may not be finding many other males in your environment or exercise program that you’re in.

Efforts show results

The second point I want to bring up, is try to focus on what you’re doing, your training goals. By focusing on your efforts and working as hard as you’re able to, to get the best results, others will notice. And what you might find is you might become a leader and bring in other males to the group or the exercise program you’re in. Others will take notice and start talking to their friends and they’ll encourage them to come along because they’ve seen you put the hard work in and know that’s a place that it can be done for other men.

Communicate with mates

Talk to your male mates, your colleagues, your schoolmates, even your neighbours. Invite them to come down to train in the environment that you’re currently in at the moment. They’ll probably love it because you are the raving fan and you’re telling them all about what you do.


Remember fellas’, most environments out there are really welcoming to having both females and males in there together. It comes down to you to find the best way to optimize more men in the class and to be comfortable to get your results out of that environment.

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