Moving every single day, I believe, is really important to leading a great life. It would benefit us all to include this principle in our lives, but it does not mean that we need to be training every single day, just moving.

When assessing the amount of exercise, which warrants the benefits from movement, are we doing too much? Let us take in these considerations of what we are doing with our current exercise regime.


Training Age

Consider how long you have been exercising for. If you have been exercising for the past four to five years. You have probably built up your ability to handle changes exercise does for our bodies through classes and own workouts. If on the other hand you are newer, let’s say in the last couple of months, it is ideally best to stick to a smaller amount and develop your body as your training ages increases. The reason is the journey to being able to handle the workload does take you on a path with some lessons to learn. Soreness, aches, injuries, and lots of discovery on how to move & maintain comes from time spent exercising. Too much exercise earlier on, can bring about these effects of exercise faster & cause unnecessary stress to the body.


Setting goals

At certain points in our life there are going to be different goal that appear. A goal is a great motivator and incentive to get ourselves moving more and exercising more. Different goals will come with different timeframes. When you are planning your weekly exercise or movement, think about, is the amount appropriate to the current goal. Once the goal is completed, reassess this amount. Is it too much or is it too little? It will be dependent on the goal you have set and how your body is handling the workload. Adjusting is a process which accompanies the goals we strive for.


Committing to exercise

Time is another factor that will change the frequency of weekly exercise. Whether it is our choice to not be able to exercise or other commitments needing first priority of your time. You may only be able to fit in half an hour slots instead of 45 minutes/1 hour workouts. This might be a lunch break, it might be after or before work, or you might have just dropped your kids off to school. In which you head down to the local park to whip out a workout that is quick and simple. It all depends on the current commitments you have. If you find the overwhelm kicking in, just reassess how many times you are exercising a week.


Movement over pain

Movement and exercise are both equal parts of our lives that we should all include. If done too much though, you might start to find some pains creeping in. This is a wonderful indicator which gets you thinking about the amount of exercise you are currently doing. If pain occurs, maybe revaluate the frequency, or the intensity and even the type of training you are doing. The pain gives you a chance to reflect on what you’re currently doing. It is not necessarily a good idea be in pain throughout every single day.


Taking in all these points, consider the amount of exercise that you are currently doing. Now see if that movement through the week is enough for your current goals, desires, and way of living.

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