Where to begin exercise?

Have you been watching these videos and they are intriguing you or you are finding them useful to yourself? But currently you’re not exercising, and you don’t know where to start. Recently though you might be finding that your desire to exercise is starting to increase and you want to start looking.

There are four areas that may help in helping you work out where to start with exercise.

1) Reason to move

2) Where to find out more about exercising?

3) Commence steady

4) Add in supporting activities


Reason to move

I think the best place to start is think about the reason you want to begin exercise. Also what is the purpose of it for you to be moving again?

A reason to be exercising might be that you’ve just seen your doctor recently. They have raised the issue that you might have higher cholesterol or your blood pressure is on the high side. Some of these health indicators are a little bit alarming and may need some work to bring them back down. Another reason could be you might want to start socializing and meet people in your local area. In turn building friendships or a network outside of your work & home. Possibly you might just want to be feeling fantastic again and having the energy to get to the afternoon to play with your children. Whichever the reason happens to be. Once you know the reason, it’s easy to search and look around for the types of options that are available.


Where to find out more about exercising?

Some of the first places to look is going to be Google, the internet. It has heaps on there. Type, type, type and you’ll find lots out there. But again, take the step back and think about the reason or why you want to be exercising. Is this going to help guide your journey??

You might want to find partner-based workouts, or community-based ones or even 1 to 1 Personal Training. Start searching for the type of training where you get the benefit you are looking for ie socialization or accountability etc. Combine with recommendations of friends or people in the area or current fitness facilities. This way you will start to find training that is relevant to you and what you are looking for.


Commence steady

Once you have found a place to start exercising and moving again, begin steady. Don’t rush in and go guns blazing. I know there is that part of you to get going really hard to push yourself and became a better version. The question rises, at what cost will it be on your body and your lifestyle currently that you’re living? We don’t want to be injured, we don’t want to be hurting ourselves just to ‘feel the burn’. Start steady and use the help of your personal trainer, the fitness facility or the program that you’re currently in. Getting stuck into this exercise program is brilliant, try not to burn out too quickly though.


Add in supporting activities

Once you get stuck into it, I’d recommend adding or supplementing in a little extra movement. Something like cycling on the weekends or going swimming on the opposite days to your training days. By adding the extras in, you’re reducing the chance of injuries by recovering in a slower and steady format. What you are also doing is keeping motivation high to continue exercising. You may find you can extend this out to your family, social or fitness network. This bolsters your chances of continue your exercise program.


Now, I hope these little ideas might be of use. Getting you off the couch, off this screen and starting some movement today.

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