Are you someone that wakes up in the morning full of beans, ready to take on the day? Or are you rubbing your eyes, sipping another cup of coffee and taking a little longer to get going?

If you’d prefer to be the first one, starting your day with a morning routine is probably a great idea.

How do you do a morning routine?

That is the question. What I have discovered, myself and from clients, is there three main areas of a great morning routine.

Something to do with nutrition & eating, movement is another one and finally something to do with a mindset.

Nourishing our bodies

The first one, fuelling our body. It could be eating breakfast later in the morning, having a liquid breakfast or it could be starting off breakfast with a lower carb and a higher protein mixture, there are many variations out there. Choose one that works for you.

One that I found really works well is drink water first up. Start the morning off with 200mls-500mls of water in one go or small sips within a couple of minutes. Drink it down! Why you ask, because you have been sleeping for the last 8 to 10 hours, you are dehydrated, your body needs water. Find one that works for you and mark it one of the earliest things you do in the morning.

Move for blood flow

The second part of the morning routine, or the first, whichever order, is movement. Getting you moving is helps stimulate your body. Think if you have been sleeping for 8 to 10 hours or lying still that whole time, the body is in more a repair/recover phase. As you begin to move you will feel a little stiff, get the blood pumping around the body to awaken yourself.

You could start by running, you could start with a morning stroll, you could start on the floor doing press ups. Whatever floats your boat, as long as you include some movement into your day or in your morning, you will find that you will spark your energy and create a “pep in your step”.

Clear your head

Third one is your mind-space. You may start a little bit slower in the morning, that is A-Okay. You might have a hundred things going on in your head, that is okay as well. By taking a little bit of time to stay in our mind, will help to clear space & activate our mind for the day ahead. Whether it is through journaling, using meditation, doing some reflection time or gratitude writing. Start with something that gets your mind ticking over and reflecting on the day ahead or the day past, or where you want to be in five years’ time. They will help you start your morning off and give the clear space to take on the rest of your day.

Starting a morning routine will take time. Be patient, stick with it and create a habit out of a morning routine. You will feel better, more sparked and energized for the rest of your day. Hope you find this helpful and let us know if anything you find is useful to share with us.


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