Man, no one wants to feel run-down, tired, lethargic, feeling like kids are pulling your hair out, the world is still spinning, and you have not got any job done for the day.

Energy comes and goes, and sometimes we have an abundance & sometimes we lack energy. Let’s talk about some ways that you can build up some energy for your busy lifestyle.

10 different ways to create energy for our body

Moving our body

Moving your body = energy creation.
Our muscles create energy by moving and we really benefit when we start to add movement into our everyday life. Whether it is an exercise class or 1 on 1 training or going for a walk down by the river. By getting moving your body you generate energy for the rest of your day.

Catching Z’s

Day is over, and now it is time to go to sleep. Sleep is incredibly important. Why? It is the time our body repairs itself best. We have been moving using energy up and now it is time to give our body a chance to recover & get ready to the next day.

Stress levels

An obvious one is stress. There are lots of ways to manage stress. Whether it is relaxation, through meditation or it’s through enjoying a hobby or some quite in your own time. Have a look at what you can do to manage stress that is a part of your life.

What is in your schedule

Similar to stress, look at what is on your calendar. Have you got too much on? Can you move something off? Can you get help from somebody? And do you really need “this” on your plate at this point in time. By managing what you are doing and eliminating one or two things, getting some help or shifting something to someone else. You might start to feel a little bit pressure off yourself to achieve everything, lowering your stress levels.

Limit alcohol intake

It might have been a tough day, wee, or year. You have gone to the cabinet, got a bottle of wine and started pouring your first, second, third glass of the evening. Once every now and again is fine but doing this regularly can have a negative impact on your energy levels.  If you start to reduce your alcohol intake you will start to feel an increase in your energy levels as your body does not have to work as hard to process the alcohol that you are consuming.

Increase Vegetables’ servings

Much like with alcohol, think about what you put into your body with regards to fruit & veggies. The minerals and vitamins that we need to function, and support or energy levels increase with the amount of vegetables you enjoy. This is why you start to find that you get a bit more energy when consuming more fruit & veg. This is where you feel a bit more zest for the rest of the day, while also avoiding the afternoon slump.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Water our foundation, a part of how we move. We need water to move our body and have the chemical reactions occur to live life. As we exercise, move & live life we need to replace all the fluid that is being lost to keep our energy levels up. Aim for 2 Litres of water a day, more on days when you are exercising.

Plan out coffee

Be strategic with how you consume your caffeine. You may love it or you may not, it does not matter. But if you are a coffee drinker or a caffeine drinker, think about when you are consuming it and in what quantities. If you can ideally reduce it, wicked, but try to use at good times. Do not consume it too late in the afternoon, where your body has to work harder to process it out. Maybe you only consume it once and do not use it in a workout unless it is a really high intensity. There are always options for reducing caffeine that you can explore without excluding it.

Fun for you

Fun! If you do not have fun how can you feel energetic? Enjoy something for you, something that fills your cup and make it fun. It is easier to do something fun, than it is of ‘having to go & do something like exercise. Make it something enjoyable and you will probably stick to a little bit more. In turn fuel your energy levels up.

Share with others

What is a life worth living if you are not sharing with others? Are you getting time with your friends, family and loved ones? Seeing them most of the time helps fill your cup up, makes you feel better and creates energy in your life. Find some time, do an activity, whether it is a games night, going down by the river and going for a little wander and stroll together. Have that quality time and you will feel better & energised after you’ve connected with your friends, family and love ones.

Try one, try all of the ideas for increasing your energy levels. See how you start to feel after giving one or two of them ago.

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