The idea now pops in your head.

I’m going to go for a run. Why? Because I want to lose some weight and want to be healthy again. This idea sounds fantastic. I want to lose weight, so I’m going to go running and exercise.

Although exercising alone won’t help you maintain your weight. It will help you lose it for a little while, but over time, it won’t help you maintain and stay that same weight. And I gather that is what you’re probably looking for right now, the management of your weight.

So, let’s talk about seven different ways and reasons why exercise alone won’t help you manage your weight.

Consuming too much vs daily expenditure.

It’s pretty obvious. If you have a cup and it’s got 500 mls in it and you put 550 mls in. There is going to be an excess, particularly if your expenditure is less i.e. 400 mls. You’ve got an excess of 100 mls. Turn this example into food, if that excess is still sitting in our body, it gets stored for later use. Our body has evolved over the years to conserve energy just in case we need to move really quickly. If you constantly put in more than what you currently do, it’s going to constantly add to your weight. If you’re only doing exercise, it will be hard to manage that because you’re constantly adding more into the bucket.

Under eating.

Now, this sounds contradictory, you’re eating too little! What I mean by that, is you’re probably eating empty calories. You are eating foods that don’t have the vitamins and minerals to support a well balance diet. These vitamins & minerals are used to sustain yourself, feel full and to harness energy. Manage your food by having enough to make sure you are full and sedated. But not too little where you feel like you need to reach for the chocolate bar.

Change in Sleep patterns.

You’re probably heading to that stage in life, where your sleep is changing. Your hormones are moving around a little as well. The regulation of our hormones happens a lot when we’re sleeping. If we’re constantly up and down in the night, our body doesn’t have the time to regulate the hormones well enough. This brings about a challenge to maintain weight as it hasn’t happen whilst in sleep.

Staying Hydrated

A lot like having not enough sleep, our hormones need to have water in our body to function well. If you find yourself dehydrated, your body is having to work harder to keep a balance in your body. This process is generally weight connected. So, try to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day and staying hydrated.

Too much exercise

You’re exercising too much. You’re going for too many runs. What I mean by that, is if you’re exercising a lot, your body is being put under a lot of stress. When put under a lot of stress and demand, our bodies need time for rest, recovery, and repairs. Without this rest time, it just sees it as a time to grow muscle as it is stimulated a lot. A balance in your exercise routine will help manage this. Make sure that you have enough exercise through the week but not too much it causes over tired bodies.

Stale exercise regime

The workouts you’re currently doing are very repetitive and stale. They are not providing any stimulus to your body at this state. You need to change it up and make sure you have a bit of variety in your workouts. By doing this your body is being challenged to demand energy which comes from our supplies. Managing what we put in compared to the expenditure.

Intensity matters

Now, put your hand on your heart. Are you really putting in the effort that you require in your workouts?

If it is a high intensity workout and you are chatting through it, are you really putting in? If it is a steady state one and your efforts are to blast out in the beginning. It may result in you walking for the rest of the time. Is it too much effort in that time? Making sure the effort lasts for the entirety of the workout and it is challenging your body as this is what we’re trying to achieve.


Key in all these points; Exercise alone in managing your weight is not going to be the most effective strategy. Consider your diet, think about hydration and your sleep. All these points impact on how your body manages the weight that you currently have.

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