You normally exercise by attending classes or going to the gym for a session, but now find that you are not able to utilise these facilities, do your class workout or use the gym.

So, let’s discuss three ways you will be able to swap out your gym or your class workouts. Start by recognising that you still want to exercise and why. With your wants & whys recognised you can then still stimulate your training in the same manner, by doing a similar workout.

Here we talk about three ways to swap out the gym workout or the class workout.

Mimic the training style

Think about the training style you are following in your gym or your class workout. We want to mimic this training style.
When you are programming for home workouts, consider your original training focus. For example, take an upper body plan using mainly machines. We can easily swap out the machines or dumbbells for the same movement patterns using body weight by including push exercises like a push up, then counter it with pull-based movements like a row or pullup.

By mimicking, you are going to stay closer to your goals and continue to have the stimulus that you are after.

If it is a running-based session, you can do a workout that does not necessarily need space or distance, rather centre your training around the actions of running. Think of single leg exercises and hamstring dominated movements such as step ups & lunges.


Cross training

Another way to swap out the gym/exercise class, is by doing different types of workout that you are not used to doing. What I mean is cross training.
Doing movement patterns that you are not used to can strengthen and evolve your training. Either similar or different movement patterns create a varied stimulus that your body will have to overcome. Leading to different results in your training.

Take this example, you are used to doing a spin session indoors and pushing hard on those pelotons, the obvious alternative is getting outside and using a bicycle. It has a very similar movement pattern to that of the indoor workout. If you get outside and instead go for a hike, you are going to get a similar movement pattern in the legs without using a bike.

The leg action of cycling is similar yet different to the effect on hiking and serves as a good alternative. If you want to change completely, say get off the legs, then maybe try something different like a rowing-based exercise. Because it is something that you are not used to it will be helping continue to stimulate you and allow you to burn energy. Your mind is going to have to think a lot more and be more present in that exercise while you are doing those repetitions.


Online Workouts

Third suggestion is to try online workouts. Now we said before that you may not be able to access a gym or a fitness facility. That does not mean that the option of going online in a class format is not available. We are now in a time where technology is catching up and moving forward so quickly that online workouts are popping up more and more. This may become more common and serve as an alternative way to exercise.

Although the connection through the screen may be different for each person, you will still get the same benefit of a person leading the way and the option to interact with fellow workout mates.

Alternatively using a personal trainer to guide you through workouts, by watching their YouTube videos, or connecting 1 on 1 via video link. Jump on their sites to grab the workouts, write one down and then do it in your own time. What this allows you to do is work out in your own time. It also means you can do it indoors or take it outdoors. You will be able to follow the same programming that you were doing in the gym facility or class format that you were doing previously.


Give one or all the suggestions a go. Try something different and hopefully continue your pathway of being motivated to exercise.

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