So you are a busy parent of kids who are doing sport, dance, studies, chores, and just fitting in family time. You also want to exercise, but you are finding it a little difficult to fit exercise into your current family timetable and schedule. Try these 10 ideas to get exercise into your timetable.


1. Include in Schedule

Start off by planning out your week. You probably already do that with your kid’s schedule, but include one little extra, put time for exercise. It does not have to be long. Just get it in there.

2. Rapid workouts

Completing rapid, quick, short workouts is the way to go if your time is a little short with the kids. Drop the kids off at their training session and then get started with five or 10 minutes of a workout.

3. Exercise to Commute

Third idea is you probably commute a lot to get children from one place to the next. If it is a short trip, add in a ride, a walk, even skateboard. By doing this you are doing a form of exercise. It may not be ideal, but it will fit in your current schedule.

4. Move with meal prep

Fourth one is try doing your exercise in amongst the meal prep. Your kids might be chopping up things or might be doing their homework and you are getting dinner ready or getting a meal ready for tomorrow. Try a little workout. It might be a couple of minutes by doing some star jumps. Do some burpees fit it into that time you have available.

5. Family time is exercise time

Rather than trying to find time for it, fit it in amongst what you are doing with the kids. So go out for a walk together. That is time together and it is time for exercise. You might run ahead and come back and do some squats while they are moseying on with a walk or riding their bike along the track with you.

6. Working lunch breaks

As a working parent, you probably have a lunchtime break. Use that time to fit in a small workout. That way you do not have to battle the kids when you are at home.

7. Use a Resistance Band

You drop the kids off at the next sporting session or at school or every activity they have carry your band. Bands are a wonderful way to get some resistance training in and add some variety to just a standard body weight exercise you may already be doing.

8. Early or late workouts

Avoid the kids, early in the morning, rise up really earlier, scrub those eyes or when the kids are asleep, get out there and do a little workout for yourself. That is important.

9. Challenges

Another little idea is taking on some challenges throughout the day, for example a 30 day ab challenge. So, you might be doing sit ups adding on five extra a day or a 20 second plank adding on another 20 seconds throughout the whole month. Fit it in. It is only to take a small amount of your time. You can do that in between transitions with kids at dinner meal, at dinner time. Whatever happens to be.

10. Stretch with kids

Final point is to try and do some stretching together with your children. It could be the end of the afternoon / evening after their sports and other activities. And now is the time to chill them out and lengthen out your body for the afternoon and the evening.


With these 10 ideas, give one of them a go and see if that fits with your schedule and your timetable.

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