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Over the years we have had so many wonderful people who have trained with us at the park. We asked some of them some questions reflecting on what they remember from their time.


Dixie O’Shea

1, How long have trained down at Ashfield Reserve? 

I have been training with Daniel & the team for the past 2 and half years, love every moment of it!


2, Favourite memory from you time in the community?

My favourite memory is when we were doing one of our fitness evaluations early into my journey. We were doing the run component & I had only ever been able to do 2 kms. This time around when I reached the 2km mark I just keep going until I realised that I can push myself! Completing the extra km was very rewarding. I was very proud of myself for pushing to achieve the result and Daniel was also proud of me too.

3, Program you have loved most (i.e. boxing, cardio, toning, stretch & flex etc) 

The program I most enjoy is Boxing………yet Toning classes are really enjoyable too

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