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Over the years we have had so many wonderful people who have trained with us at the park. We asked some of them some questions reflecting on what they remember from their time.


Christine Travers

1, How long have trained down at Ashfield Reserve? 

This is my 8th year as a member of Reside in Movement (SIL Bassendean) after joining up in 2012. I saw Daniel’s advertising banner at Ashfield Reserve, and after belonging to a gym for a number of years, and not really enjoying it. I decided something more sociable would suit me. When I first joined, I struggled to run to the other side of the park, but after persevering for a few weeks my fitness vastly improved and I got to work out with some friendly and encouraging people.


2, Favourite memory from you time in the community?

There have been many good memories over the 8 years as a member, but they are memorable because of the people that share membership with me in Reside in Movement. Many good laughs whilst getting through a tough session; or celebrating important milestones in peoples lives; or simply a coffee with a few members after the work out. Can’t pick just one


3, Program you have loved most (i.e. boxing, cardio, toning, stretch & flex etc) 

I enjoy all my classes at Reside in Movement. Stretch & Flex has enabled me to work on my balance and flexibility. Getting rid of tension from a Boxing class is always good, and the Toning classes are full of variety to keep me lifting weights. I am yet to embrace the Cardio program fully, even after 8 years!

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