Here are five quick and easy tips to help you choose clothing to exercise comfortably in.


You know that feeling of putting on a nice top that matches your favourite outfit and makes you feel amazing? Would you like to feel the same when you are about to begin exercise with others?


Whether it is looking into the next Pilates class, gym membership or group training session it can be a nervous experience. Once decided though, a thought comes to mind of what to wear. This is not like choosing an outfit when you go to your friend’s birthday bash or the next barbecue, it is more about how comfortable you feel while training.


Try to think about these five tips when choosing your apparel to train in.


Moisture wicking

Think of both the top and the bottom. When selecting clothing, think about clothing that draws the moisture away from the skin. It is not really that fun when it is itchy and you are feeling really hot and the sweat stays on your skin.

Supporting not restricting

Number two, supportive where it needs to be, yet not restricting. Think of your powering through a high intensity workout and things start to move around a bit everywhere, that is not really comfortable. Items that move freely and that give good range of motion are handy but they also need to be supportive. Look at a sports bra that is firm, and supportive minimising any bouncing movements.


Number three, does it feel comfortable? Comfort is everything when you are training. If you are wearing items that are too big it is going to move around and distract you when you are working out. Think about when you are heading to a yoga class. You start to feel a little uncomfortable as in the moves you start to find your top sliding down your shoulder. Instantly, your head goes somewhere else, your mind is not focused on the pose and the correct alignment and posture in each pose rather I should have got the other top. By choosing something that moves well and feels comfortable you are probably going to end up enjoying the workout more.

Brand names

Number four, different brand names. Whether it is Lululemon, Lorna Jane or items from K-Mart, wearing these items each person is going to feel slightly different in the brand. Look at the clothing item like a coffee mug. Some like a coffee mug that is heavier, some like it a big lighter and easier to switch around, some like a larger enough to make sure there is enough coffee in it. Whichever it is, whichever item it is, it needs to work for you and only you.

Feel good

Number five, do you feel happy in it? It can look great, feel great and move great but does the item make you feel uplifted and ready to do the workout? Let the item make you feel amazing and uplift you nice and high so you can enjoy training and exercising in them.


Keep these points in mind when shopping for your next workout outfit.

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