Adventure Training

Adventure Training comprises of 9 weeks discovering what Adventure Racing is about and putting in practice the distance training. Helping you to be ready for the X-Adventure in 10-11th of April 2021.


Below is an outline of what we are covering in Adventure Training.

Coming into the world of Adventure Racing it can be at times overwhelming what is needed to complete the event. Generally it consists of 3-4 disciplines; Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Swimming & Kayaking.

This will mean there is going to be more preparing than your typical fun-run. Here is what I have learnt myself in these events.

Importance of Specific Training

Don’t wait until the month of your race to start your adventure race training. To be properly prepared for an adventure race, and to “enjoy” the race experience fully. You’ll need weeks of specific training leading up your sleeve to get through a race “comfortably”.

No matter how fit you “think” you are ; multi-sport / adventure racing can take anyone by surprise. And speaking from personal experience, jumping from Swim – Run – Bike – Kayak (or any combination of the four) can leave you in discomfort, cramping & even some pain. I’ll give you an example. In my earlier Adventure races, the Dunsborough X Adventure, I jumped in feet first – NO RACE SPECIFIC TRAINING. I thought myself as a good Swimmer, at the time I was riding 15km to and from work at least once a week, and I ran multiple times a week. I had thought at the time that this was enough training, but man was I wrong!

Swim leg was first up & it absolutely wiped me out. I hadn’t trained for swimming at all and definitely did not prepare for how intense an ocean swim can be. Struggling into the first transition & began walking the run leg. Coming into final leg, the Bike leg, I was battling leg cramp after leg cramp. I finished the race so deflated and avoided the race for 2 years after that.

Following this experience I had began putting in more time into preparing for Adventure Races. By training in each of the disciplines and also combining them in the same time period I began improving my experience in these events. I had even learnt the hard way, of fuelling my body for the duration and demands of Adventure Racing.

Now I haven’t shared this part of my Adventure race journey to scare you, but to highlight the importance of Race Specific training. Adventure Race weekends are Epic. The atmosphere is electric & the pride you feel just for completing the race is immense. All the effort you put into your specific training prior is well worth it.

SO… To be race ready what should your training plan look like?

Week of Training

Each week you should be training 2-4 days a week. Including a Cardio & Resistance workout (ie Toning class).  You also NEED to include at least 1-2 Long Race Specific Style training session per week.

Example of training plan….

Training Locations & Dates

7th February

John Forrest – Trail Ride

14th February

Bayswater – Swim

21st February

Kings Park – Trail Run

28th February

Bayswater – Swim

7th March

Kalamunda – Trial Ride

14th March

Sorrento Beach – Swim & Ride

21st March

Mundaring – Trial Run & Ride

28th March

Darlington – Swim & Trial Run

3rd April

City Beach – Swim, Trial Run & Ride

Additional Learning

Whilst physically getting out there and building up the stamina to achieve these events is required. Learning about how our equipment works, fuelling ourselves (training & race day) and what to expect on the day is important.

Interested in Adventure Training?

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